Oh hey guys! I am still alive. Sometimes I have things I want to post to LJ/DW, though, so that's why I'm here again. In this case, it's my thoughts on this book:

My boyfriend read a fairly skeptical review of Marie Kondo and her minimalist cleaning philosophy, but then said, "It actually made me want to read her book more, though?" So I checked it out of the library and read it, and (since I'm hoping to move in the summer) would like to at least try the techniques to cut down the number of things I'm going to move. It is a super popular book (the Pittsburgh library system has 126 copies, and it still manages to have a waitlist!).

Summary / review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up )
31 December 2015 @ 11:59 pm

If you're looking for my icons, those are located at my icon community, [ profile] chacu_icons.

This journal started out semi-friends-only, but has kind of shifted to pretty much friends only. About 5% of the stuff is public, but the rest is locked (not because I don't want random strangers seeing it but because the thought that people I know in real-life might stumble across it scares me). :P

I tend to be kind of shy and am not really an active friender of people, but I'm always open to making new friends -- just leave a comment here.
31 December 2015 @ 11:58 pm
[Ignore.] Reposting this because it didn't get imported into my DW blog, and also needs to be updated anyway. Wait, nevermind, it's right there...

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13 July 2015 @ 06:05 pm

This entry will be a Dear Author letter for [community profile] press_start_comm. Full details coming soon.
100 Disney Things [006]

Hoo boy, it's been a long time since my last post for this, hasn't it? I'm a bit swamped but luckily this has been sitting on my hard drive, almost complete, for a long time.

As a topic suggestion, [personal profile] sleipnir/[ profile] grimoire asked why I like Jiminy Cricket so much. I kind of briefly talked about my love for Jiminy before when I made my Top 25 characters list but my explanations were a little bit weird and all over the place, so I'll try doing it again.

My love for Jiminy (and also Pinocchio in general... )

This post makes me realize I should do either a general Pinocchio appreciation post, or a more specific appreciation post focused on something in particular I really love about that movie. Like my fannishness over the Lampwick/Pinocchio pairing. It's the best pairing, hush. You can suggest topics for future posts for this meme over here.
100 Disney Things [005]

Oh man, I am getting too busy for these posts. This one's been sitting on my hard drive for a while, and I've only now gotten around to cleaning it up. Basically, it's sort of a rebuttal/examination of the common criticisms that get lobbed at The Little Mermaid, plus my own thoughts on the movie and Ariel as a character. It's an evaluation of The Little Mermaid and Ariel, from a feminist perspective, but hopefully much more in-depth than what you usually see on the Internet or in a media studies class... (And sort of ranty.)

Common Criticisms of The Little Mermaid )

You can suggest topics for future posts for this meme over here.
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So I am (slowly) working on a MBTI-related thing for my Disney post series and so am reminded once again how much I dislike the sensing vs. intuition dichotomy, so here's a rant about it. (This post is public because I'll probably be linking it when I actually post my Disney MBTI thing.)

Intuition and Sensing, Left and Right Brain (dichotomies I hate) )

Sorry for the poor organization of this post. I'm sure I could make it flow more logically if I took the time to rewrite it, but I've already spent way too much time on this, so...
100 Disney Things [004]

That graphic is crap but I was really excited about posting this, so whatevs.

In this essay, I'm sort of treating Beauty and the Beast the Disney movie as the same thing as Beauty and the Beast the original fairy tale, which I just said is a no-no, but... oh well. I want to talk about both.

Beauty and the Beast and the Hades and Persephone Myth )

You can suggest topics for future posts for this meme over here.
100 Disney Things [003]

Focusing on a show I currently follow and enjoy - Once Upon a Time - but approaching it from a Disney angle:

Once Upon a Time - Conflating Fairy Tales and Disney )

You can suggest topics for future posts for this meme over here.
21 July 2012 @ 05:32 pm
100 Disney Things [002]

My second post for this thing is dedicated to the underrated Disney movie, Home on the Range. No spoilers here, just me talking about why I love this movie and who I would recommend it to.

You ain't home on the range~ )

I'll be doing other underrated-movie-appreciation-posts like this (Brother Bear is definitely getting one too). If you have suggestions for future posts for this meme, you can leave them over here.
10 July 2012 @ 05:13 pm
100 Disney Things [001]

Kind of a copout, but my first post for this 100 Things challenge is my Disney astrology set complete with reasonings. And some extra Disney zodiac thoughts here:

• I was also considering Jessie and Atta for this set, but there were already three Pixar characters, so I decided to leave them out. But I considered Cancer for Jessie because she's very much about emotion and her connection with people, and she can be a bit anxious when she feels in danger especially the danger of losing someone. Atta I think is mostly Virgo with some Libra indecisiveness, maybe. She's sort of shy and lacking in confidence, but wants very badly to do everything just right and that causes her to be a little bit of a worrier. I think Elinor is a Virgo too, because she likes to control every little detail, she has an evaluating eye, she's well-mannered and calm, etc. (But I always knew that Merida would be the Brave representative in the set, so I didn't spend too much time thinking about Elinor).

• I also considered putting in Tinker Bell because she's a very iconic Disney character, but I decided against it because there was already Wendy and also because Tinker Bell's personality is just kind of hard to figure out in general. The best I could come up with was Aries because it works with Tinker Bell's impulsiveness and temper and also with her courage and heroic sacrifice. However, aside from that, she has sort of a vain/primping personality and I have no idea where that goes. And that's not even taking into account new!Tinker Bell, although I guess new!Tink might be a more clear-cut Aries.

• Belle, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Snow White gave me the most difficulties. When I came up with a "short list" of what signs they could be, I had six signs listed. :| For Belle, I think it's because there are moments where she's brave and impulsive, others when she's dreamy and distracted, others when she's practical and grounded, etc. It's hard for me to get a handle on her personality. For Pocahontas, it's this contrast between this wild, playful character in the first part of the movie, and this deep-thinking, emotional character in the second half that confuses me. For Mulan, I figured she's probably not a fixed sign, but other than that I was pretty lost. I think Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces all fit aspects of her character. And Snow White is like... I dunno. She's cheerful and hopeful and sweet, but other than that it's like the rest of her character has to be filled in or interpreted.

Whew, that's pretty much it.

You can suggest topics for future posts for this meme over here.
12 May 2012 @ 12:36 am

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I'm late to the party but I've decided to do this, because procrastination. My topic is...

Disney mini-essays

Yes, 100 posts of me blabbering at length about various Disney topics. So far, things I'll be posting include analysis of Disney villains and sidekicks, thoughts on songs and movies I particularly adore, and several posts regarding feminist criticism of Disney movies (both actual criticism of my own and criticism of criticism...). I definitely do not have enough topics to make 100, though, so if you have anything Disney-related you'd like to share my thoughts on in excruciating detail, please let me know. :)

Just as a note, all the posts related to this challenge (including this one) will be public (unlocked), so just wanted to give people fair warning.
06 June 2011 @ 01:49 pm
Sorry about the pimp (real entries will come when my art scale is done) but I'm running this silly little activity and I think you should check it out:

Nominate your favorite Disney villains!

We have about 50 nominations so far. Nominate villains and support your favorites! ANY Disney villain is okay -- animated movies, live-action, TV series, Pixar, as long as they're Disney. :]
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11 April 2011 @ 02:17 am
Top 25 Disney Characters
A list of my 25 favorite Disney characters of all time, for [ profile] disney_uberland.

I spent an insane amount of time on this, mostly because I talk way too much and because I'm way too perfectionistic.

Note: This list is highly subjective and contains my favorite characters, not necessarily the ones I think are the best. And there is a difference -- I can have the utmost respect for certain characters, but that doesn't mean they're necessarily my favorite. When it comes to determining my favorites, I tend to take into account things like how personal of a choice this character is for me, how popular that character is, did I own this movie when I was a kid? Really subjective things like that. If a character is really popular, they actually have a lower chance of making it to the top, probably because I feel weird putting that possessive there -- they're not really my favorite character so much as everyone's favorite character.

And yes, the order of this list directly contradicts my Top 10 Villains list. I'm inconsistent like that.

#21 through #25 )
#16 through #20 )
#11 through #15 )
#6 through #10 )
#1 through #5 )
23 January 2011 @ 12:55 am
Sometimes I can't believe how silly I am. I went grocery shopping on Monday and so I was walking to my door with a bunch of grocery bags as well as the satchel I use to carry my lunch to work. The bags were cutting into my hands though, so I readjusted and then I thought I heard the sound of a plastic container (i.e. the tupperware I use to bring fruits to work) hitting the ground. It was dark, so I just quickly grabbed my satchel to make sure I could still feel the tupperware in there, and kept walking.

So then I went home and had dinner, including half a can of soup. This will be important later on.

Anyway, the next day, as I was packing my lunch I realized the tupperware was nowhere to be found in my house. It wasn't in the sink. It wasn't in the dishwasher. It wasn't on the floor. It wasn't in my satchel!

Luckily I had another container, pretty much identical, but a smaller size, so I could use that for the same purpose. But everyday this week, I searched the area where I thought I might have dropped it, but I couldn't find it. I even considered going to the leasing office and asking if they had a lost and found but I thought that, even if they did, the chance of someone bringing in a small tupperware container was pretty small -- they'd probably just throw it out.

This saddened me. In fact it made me realize I have an emotional connection to the darn thing. My mom would always pack fruits in it for me for work everyday, and now I'm packing fruits in it for myself for work. I dunno, it has memories and traditions attached to it or something. I felt like I missed it a lot more than what is normal.

So imagine my surprise when I was washing dishes tonight and I found, sitting in the sink, the tupperware! It was definitely the big tupperware, not its smaller sister that I've been using this week as a replacement. But I couldn't figure out why it was there!

Then I looked around and saw its lid next to the microwave and I realized -- I used it today to microwave soup! When I had half the soup can on Monday, I put the leftovers in the bigger tupperware (to be safe -- I didn't want it to flow over) and put that container in the fridge -- and then promptly forgot I had done it, and never once this week connected my missing tupperware with the leftover soup in the fridge.

I am so silly.

Anyway, unrelated but I have to do one last post about the Final Fantasy landcomm. For anyone on my flist that was interested in the Final Fantasy landcomm:

Join [ profile] ff_land

Applications are open now! Apply @ [ profile] ff_classchange

Thanks to [ profile] koretetsu for linking me this:


* I'm not kidding.
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30 December 2010 @ 09:48 am
If you like Disney, please join...

[ profile] disney_uberland | Application Page

The way it works is that you get put in one of three teams, and you then earn points for your team by entering various challenges (fic, graphics, and puzzles). Whichever team ends the game with the highest number of points wins.

The three teams are Team Ariel (for princesses, heroines, fairy tales, and traditional animation), Team Sharpay (for live-action, Disney Channel shows, and villainous characters), and Team WALL-E (for CG animation, both Pixar and Disney, and heroic characters).

But you should join Team Sharpay (even if you hate HSM with a burning passion) because we have:
- Tron / Tron: Legacy
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- All Disney villains

Heck yes. I'm currently helping out as a co-mod for [ profile] disney_uberland and the new game is beginning January 2nd (Sunday), so do join if you're interested. :)
13 December 2010 @ 07:41 am
A picspam done for [ profile] disney_uberland.

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13 October 2010 @ 06:26 pm
Ugh, I've caught a cold. Trying to read today just resulted in a headache/sinus pains. Drinking orange juice and then going to sleep.

Oh and also I ordered a grilled steak sandwich for lunch today and that was the Worst Decision Ever. There was just way too much steak and it was all one slab so I don't even know how it was supposed to be a sandwich. I spent more time cutting it up than I did eating, and the beefy aftertaste stayed in my mouth for like 4 hours. I guess this is why people talk of cleansing your palate or whatnot.
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10 October 2010 @ 01:17 am
OMG TODAY IS 10/10/10.

That is all.
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